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Primakara University presents with the spirit of bringing relevant higher education for the current generation. Generation Z, who are currently in both school and university, possess characteristics that are different from their predecessors. Since birth, this generation has enjoyed technological advancements and become native inhabitants of the digital world.

Being the Best IT Campus in Bali and Nusa Tenggara based on the Dikti ranking in 2019 and 2020 is one proof of Primakara's commitment to being a higher education institution that prioritizes quality. Additionally, with two ISO's implemented to bring world-class services.

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Our Vision

Being an outstanding higher education institution that produces professional human resources with a Technopreneurship spirit.

Our Mission


Providing quality, innovative education in the field of Information Technology that aligns with future needs and has good governance. (Good University Governance).


Being a platform in preparing professional human resources who are globally competitive, creative, have clear expertise (specialists), have good ethics, and possess a Technopreneurship spirit.


Conducting research and community service based on information technology development for improving the quality of life and competitiveness of the nation.


Establishing synergistic collaboration with stakeholders, playing an active role and making a tangible contribution to the development and implementation of information technology.


Developing Technopreneurship capabilities in the field of information technology that provides added value, collaborates with the community and facilitates business incubation.


the best

Life at Primakara blends technopreneurship, education, and academic research. Our students come from diverse places and backgrounds with the same aspirations, which is to succeed in the digital era 4.0 and 5.0.

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“Primakara has thought about the digitalization era and made extraordinary innovations and has become a rapidly growing private campus”


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